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Senior citizens with quality of life for living

In response to the needs of the growing population of people over 60 years old in Colombia and the world population in general, the Vivenza Residential Club was created, to offer a successful integrated living solution specialized for this target group.
This trend which already exists in other countries such as Spain, USA, Switzerland and Canada among others, is gaining strength in Latin America due to the growing number of senior citizens and their needs. Colombia is a tropical country with many contrasts and cultures. A country with constantly increasing economic development. A country with two coasts, three mountain ranges, Amazon jungle and the plains of Orinoco, which give it excellent and varied climates with beautiful landscapes.

Vivenza Residential Club has been designed and developed by a select group of Colombian professionals who comprise an interdisciplinary team, headed by Colombian architects, experts in the environment for the elderly.

As the only project of its kind in Colombia, in Vivenza Residential Club you will find the space, comfort, time and friends to fully enjoy your life in harmony with other generations.

We offer integrated country housing complexes made up of apartments and villas, with a private club, a shopping mall and/or a hotel, with an excellent urban and architectural design, in a totally modern style, surrounded by nature, extensive gardens and footpaths. Everything for your comfort and personal fulfilment.

Vivenza Residential Club will make you forget your daily worries, so you use your free time to enjoy the things that you like. To do this it offers you a series of well-equipped communal spaces and specialized services and excellent personalized and professional attention that will make your home the place you deserve.

Due to their magnificent locations, excellent design and innovative concepts, in Vivenza Residential Club your investment will greatly increase in value.

Vivenza has spaces designed for you comfort.

Each area has been designed according to the physical conditions and the desires of senior citizens (there are no uneven levels in the spaces; it has a high level of accessibility, thanks to wide and well-lit corridors; spacious bathrooms; railings; non-slip floors in the bathrooms and kitchens; self-help handles and low-level locks, among others). The technology, the materials and the design have the necessary care to suit your requirements.However, the most important thing about the spaces of VIVENZA are its generous communal zones, fully equipped for everyday cultural, intellectual, social and physical activities.

  • Music room

  • Television room and cinema (cineclub)

  • Multi-function room.

  • Library, reading and internet room.

  • Green zones, , multi-function court,communal room.

  • Children’s playground

  • Infirmary

  • Gourmet dining room and kitchen

  • Bar

  • Workshop for arts and crafts.

  • Natural footpaths.

  • Mini tennis court.

  • Swimming pool and steam rooms

  • Massage room and jacuzzi

  • Games room

  • Several lounges

  • Gym

Aerial view of

the Chia Proyect


VIVENZA has a series of services included with the administration of your apartment or villa.

  • Cleaning services, in the apartment, several days per week

  • Transport service to Bogota, several times per week.

  • Scheduled weekly courier service

  • Room service

  • 24 hour preventive nursing

  • Collective contract for urgent and emergency medical attention (ambulances)

  • Social, health, games, physical exercise and mental stimulation programs

  • 24 hour security, Closed-circuit TV

  • Specialized staff for your personal attention

  • Hotel services


Vivenza has hotel services, Choose your favourite Vivenza Location.

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