You’ll enjoy a low cost of living in Colombia

One of the main benefits of living in Colombia is the low cost of living. And what’s more, it’s a low cost of living in a country that offers many of the first-world amenities and infrastructure that you’d expect in a much more expensive location.

In other words, Colombia’s a good value from the perspective of an expat or second home buyer.

If you move to Colombia, count on spending at least $1,300 per month for two people if you own your property; and $1,700 per month if you’re renting an unfurnished apartment. A full-time maid will cost more, as will owning a car.

Here is a sample budget for a couple renting an unfurnished apartment in Colombia:

Rent: $593

Gas: $15

Electricity: $89

Water: $50

Telephone: $30

Internet: $37

Cable TV: $40

Food: $371

Entertainment: $346

Public transportation: $81

Allow about $300 if a full-time maid is required.