Cost Of Living In Colombia

You’ll enjoy a low cost of living in Colombia One of the main benefits of living in Colombia is the low cost of living. And what’s more, it’s a low cost of living in a country that offers many of the first-world amenities and infrastructure that you’d expect in a much more expensive location. In other words, Colombia’s a good value from the perspective of an expat or second home buyer. If you move to Colombia, count on spending at least $1,300 per month for two people if you own your property; and $1,700 per month if you’re renting an unfurnished apartment. A full-time maid will cost more, as will owning a car. Here is a [...]

The World’s Best Climate

Colombia: Enjoy Two Seasons The city of Medellin, Colombia, is known as the “city of eternal spring.” Colombia is right next door to Ecuador and enjoys the same type of geographic diversity. So you’d expect it to enjoy a similarly prefect climate…and you won’t be disappointed. The city of Medellin, in fact, is known as the “city of eternal spring” and also as the “city of flowers” for the year-long growing season that encourages a glorious abundance of roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, and dozens of other varietals. At an elevation of about 5,000 feet above sea level and latitude of just 6.2 degrees north of the equator, Medellin enjoys slightly warmer temperatures than most of Ecuador’s [...]